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Our History

Peach fuzz isn't the only thing we grow!

In 2005, we purchased the family farm in search of a more peaceful lifestyle. The family has been producing peaches on eight acres of land for 32 years and continues that tradition today. We have approximately 3800 peach trees of different varieties!


In 2006, we decided to give our children an opportunity to raise farm animals. We started with chickens and our foul adventure abruptly came to an end with a one night massacre by a band of raccoons. We began exploring other options only to find that... sheep were too noisy, cows were too big, and pigs were too smelly.  Alpacas, however, seemed just right!


The size of the animal wasn't overwhelming for the boys to work with, they were quiet animals, and they grew an amazing fiber that could be spun into yarn. We had no idea that these gentle spirited creatures would steal our hearts forever.


Today, nestled in the heart of peach and wine country, you will find SunCrest Orchard Alpacas and Fiber Works. We maintain a herd of approximately 50 alpacas, own and operate a full service mini mill, and welcome visitors of all ages to experience the joy that we experience in our daily lives. 

3608 E 1/4 Road

Palisade,Co  81526


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